Winter Trip Part 1

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Last week we finished up a successful six weeks in Europe. It was a quick and busy but very fruitful time. We helped with three mini-camps during the winter school breaks as well as take part in a trip to Belarus to plan for the summer camp we will do later this year. I will fill you in on how the camps went in a later post but there is one thing I am going to share with you all right now. One of college girls who comes to our Czech/English student Bible study in Prague gave her life to Christ a couple weeks ago. Praise God! It’s funny, she is from America but came to Jesus after leaving the Bible Belt and moving to one of, if not the most, atheistic countries in the world. I never cease to be amazed at how God works and how He perfectly orchestrates all the events in our life!

Be praying for her as she starts her journey and grows in her faith. Her mom is not a believer and we hope through this she will eventually come to Christ as well. There is one other student who comes to our group who is not a believer and many times he tries to work against us in leading people to Jesus. However, it usually has the opposite effect. People see his questioning of God and through our responses to him they see the truth in the Gospel. Two people have come to Christ, one rededicated her life, and one other decided to get Baptized and this one atheistic guy was a driving force in all their decisions. He’s the best evangelist in our group! People see his life compared ours and see the difference Christ makes in our lives and they want it. We love him and we want him to come to faith as well. Be praying for him because he needs Jesus. I’m not mentioning their names here but if you would like to pray specifically for them send us an email and I’ll fill you in with the details.

Thank you for your partnership with us in the work of the Gospel. We could not do this without your help with prayers and finances. One way in which your prayers were really felt was that I stayed healthy during this marathon trip. I usually get sick and asked many of you specifically to pray for good health and I didn’t get sick at all this time. Praise God, He is so good and faithful to us! But unfortunately on the day I came home I came down with something. But it is much better to be sick when I can sleep in my own bed than trying to rest when I am away from home. I have since recovered from this minor illness and we are back to work planning our next project coming up in May when we return to Guatemala. We’ll be sharing about this project soon so stay tuned for details!

2 Comments on “Winter Trip Part 1”

  1. Great news!!! I will be praying for the new converts and the one that is to come. I would love to know his name so that I could pray for him by name and ask about him later.

    I spent the day with your sister and the kids the other day. It was a very fun time. Are you in town?

    Also, I wrote out your check yesterday to English Connection. If you need it to be made out to you, just let me know. I would like to go get a Cuban sandwich while you are home. I hope to see you soon.

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