The English Connection

The English Connection is a non-profit Christian cross-cultural ministry. The vision of the English Connection is to provide a connection point in order to establish local church partnerships that bring credibility to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by creating sustainable relationships with local churches and those in physically and spiritually impoverished areas of the world. We help continue these partnerships by supporting short-term mission teams as they travel to these areas and work with the churches that have specific needs these teams can meet. Most projects involve but are not limited to English Camps. Opportunities for sports and/or music camps are available as well as construction, medical, or prayer walking teams.

The English Connection provides training for teams and individuals interested in attending a trip and provides for the logistics while in country. Promotional material is available if you are interested in joining us for a future project. Our current projects are focused in Guatemala, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. We are not just limited to these three countries but are connected with ministries and churches in many other places including Panama, Estonia, and other countries in Europe as well as countries closed to the Gospel and therefore cannot be listed. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

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