While on a college study abroad trip Matt Ferguson, founder of The English Connection, experiences former Communist Europe for the first time and learns of the great spiritual need.


Matt travels back to Czech Republic to do his first English Camp. He also travels to Guatemala for the first time to work with ministries for children in poor communities.

Matt's First English Camp


Matt travel to Czech Republic and volunteers with Athletes in Action to help coach at a multisport camp.


Matt spends three months working with Josiah Venture in Czech Republic exploring the idea of adding sports to English Camps. Upon returning to the states Matt is given the vision to start recruiting and leading short-term teams to work in Czech Republic.


The English Connection is established as a ministry leading short-term mission trips partnering with local churches in youth camp ministries. The English Connection sends its first team to work a couple projects in Czech Republic.


The English Connection explores the opportunity to work in Panama and Guatemala teaching English in impoverished communities. Phoenix Roasters in Duluth, Georgia, becomes the first official partner with the English Connection.


The English Connection partners with local churches in three different countries to help lead six separate projects over the course of the summer.


The English Connection takes its first official solo trip to Guatemala and establishes a donor-funded scholarship program for Guatemalan children to attend basic and secondary school. The English Connection works projects in Czech Republic and Estonia, the two most atheistic and agnostic countries in Europe.


The English Connection increases the number of children on scholarship in Guatemala and forms a partnership with Canvas Bag Media. The English Connection creates a home-base in Prague, Czech Republic, and helps with ten different events. The English Connection makes two trips to Uzzhorod, Ukraine, and establishes a partnership with the Nehemiah House while helping with two weeks of English camps. The English Connection sponsors 38 Ukrainian children from the war zone to attend different camps throughout the summer.


The English Connection plans to lead January and June trips to Guatemala as well as return to work in Prague with different European projects throughout the year.

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