Holy Week and Unity in the Church

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In March I had the opportunity to again attend the Ash Wednesday Mass in Rome led by Pope Francis as a part of an ecumenical delegation. Our diverse team of eight included Presbyterians, Methodists, one Anglican priest, and me—the undercover Baptist. Our time in Rome was fantastic. The weather was perfect, the food extraordinary, and I can only describe the … Read More

Guatemala – From Hardship to Blessing

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God always equips us with what we need even when the situation seems formidable. Our task is to have faith that He will provide—not what we expect, but what He wills for us. This plays out to the extreme in the story of Abraham’s “sacrifice” of Issac. When Isaac questioned the situation, Abraham responded out of full faith that God … Read More

In Memoriam ~ Aldena Phillips

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Time is an interesting human construct. Before there was time God was. In the midst of time God is. At the end of time God will be. In this system of time we live in, it never stops moving forward. Countless songs have been and will continue to be written about the mystery and reality of this phenomenon known as … Read More

2018 Year in Review

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God never stops working in and for His people. He is faithful to see to completion the good works that He begins in us. 2018 has been a very full year for us at English Connection. Our Guatemala team witnessed the baptism of one of the our education scholarship students, Wendi (see her video below!). Matt Ferguson, Director of The English … Read More

Displaced Children in Ukraine

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Recently, I was in Ukraine working with our partners at Nehemiah House. We had provided money to pay for orphans from the war zone to go to their summer camp. They refer to the children from the war zone as IDP (Internally Displaced) because they are Ukrainian citizens who were forced to move from their hometowns when the war of … Read More