Czech Republic

An Opportunity Amidst Atheism

During communism the Christians were persecuted in very subtle but effective ways. Believers were monitored by the government. They were given the hardest and worst jobs despite their level of education and expertise. Anything and everything to get someone to renounce faith in God was common practice in the secret police. Atheism was forced down the throats of the people and unfortunately they still hold on to it today. Depression and suicide rates are high and a feeling of hopelessness and meaningless is present in many of the youth. Education based on shame is common.

Our friend, Pastor Freddy Smola, grew up in that kind of environment but came to know God because of an experience from being at an English Camp. He shares part of his testimony in this short video.

Czech Republic has emerged from the oppression of communism as one of the strongest economies in Europe. A great interest in things of the west is present among the younger generations of people and the English language is one of the main areas of interest. Through working with youth at English camps we are able to offer the students something they want while at the same time showing them something they need, a relationship with the God of the universe who created them and loves them.

The students who come to a camp are able to experience love and joy found in a relationship with God. And even if they are not ready to give their lives to Jesus they can learn more about who God is, what Christians really believe, and how they show the love of God to those around them.

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