Holy Week and Unity in the Church

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In March I had the opportunity to again attend the Ash Wednesday Mass in Rome led by Pope Francis as a part of an ecumenical delegation. Our diverse team of eight included Presbyterians, Methodists, one Anglican priest, and me—the undercover Baptist. Our time in Rome was fantastic. The weather was perfect, the food extraordinary, and I can only describe the … Read More


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In the fall of 2012 I was with some friends from Phoenix Roasters on a coffee plantation in northwest Panama. Our new friend Lorenzo Caballero (pictured above with Greg Sweatt of Phoenix Roasters) was taking us on a tour of the farm and we stopped for a while by a river and worshiped in a sanctuary not made by human … Read More

Welcome Home

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What do John Denver, Mötley Crüe, Phil Collins, Simon and Garfunkel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Ozzie Osborn all have in common? They sing songs about going home. Musicians who are constantly on tour have a unique perspective on coming home after many long nights on the road which is why the idea of “home” is such a popular and universal song … Read More

Summer Update

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This has been a very busy spring season for the English Connection and there will be no slowing down as we gear up for the summer camp season. We were busy with promoting camps in schools, helping make plans for the summer camps in Czech, and traveling to other countries in Europe to begin or continue partnerships. God is doing … Read More

Thank You Cucumbers

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One day this past summer I was heading out of Prague to do my last couple of projects. I was planning to meet a friend at the main train station in Prague and we were going to travel to the first camp together. Before catching our train we were going to rendezvous with this couple who had been in Prague … Read More