Reestablishing Lost Connection

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This is my friend Ramon I met in Panama in 2013. Ramon and I have many things in common. We both love Guatemala, working with children…and checking our social media accounts. I’m sure many of you can relate to that look on his face in the photo. When we are trying to connect to Facebook in the village of San Juan Moca we see this statement from time to time, “Reestablishing Lost Connection.” It happens because the app stops sending to the server and the connection is lost. And I think to myself this is exactly what God does for us. He reestablished a lost connection through Jesus.

As we see in Genesis 3, after the fall in the garden we lost our fellowship with our creator; our connection was lost. Yet God was the one to reconnect with us. And I think that even in our Christian lives we sometimes lose a connection with God. It’s not because He disconnects from us, He’s the server who never stops responding. But it’s because we turn off; we stop sending the signal His way because of sin and filling our lives with things other than what He has for us. But every time we chose to try and connect with God again, no matter how long it’s been, He always reestablishes the lost connection.

It’s a good reminder when I get on Facebook that no matter how much time I waste using that app God will always stay connected to me. He’ll never drop me as a friend. And the more time I spend with Him and study His word, the more the algorithm of my life will be filled with the things He posts for me. And unlike most of my Facebook wanderings, this is never a waste of time. It’s a good investment that will always yield a favorable return.

As you are connecting with God this week through prayer please remember to pray for those who don’t know Him, who are disconnected completely. And pray for us as we try to teach people how to establish a connection for the first time.

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