Pageant of Hope Project and God’s Never Ending Provision

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This week we are returning to Guatemala to work with our partners in Panajachel, Guatemala, at the Porch de Salomon (Solomon’s Porch). We will be doing a very unique project and I am really looking forward to seeing how God will use it. We recently formed a new partnership with an organization called the Pageant of Hope and we will be working together in Guatemala. 

The Pageant of Hope puts on a pageant for children with diseases or disabilities and they focus on celebrating the inner beauty in all of us and how what we look like and what may be “wrong” with us doesn’t define us. Every child who participates in the event wins a prize or a “title” of some sort and receives a crown. Many of those who will participate have had their dignity taken away from them either because of disease, a deformity (many of which could have been fixed with a minor medical procedure that just isn’t readily available in their part of the world), or they have had it forcibly taken away from them by either sexual or physical abuse. 

We will love on these precious little ones, care for them, make them feel special, and show them that they are important; because they are. They will all receive a crown in the pageant and this will allow us to talk about how the Bible speaks of the crowns in Heaven and how when we see Jesus we will lay all of these crowns at His feet because He is worth so much more than our crowns. And as these children take their crowns home, we’ll tell them to always remember that because of Jesus they are princes and princesses, sons and daughters of the King. 

In addition to this project, we felt led to commit to raising enough money to provide a house for a family in Guatemala through Porch de Salomon. In less than four weeks God provided enough funds ($7000) to make this happen! His blessings never cease. Thank you to all of you who faithfully give to work we do. We celebrate these victories together. 

Be praying for us as we prepare for this event. Pray for our friends at Pageant of Hope and pray for our partners at Porch de Salomon. Thank you for your partnership and your prayers. We look forward to sharing stories with you of how this project will impact the lives of those who need it. Thank you again for all of your support. To God be the glory! 

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