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2016 was a tough year for me. Some of my favorite musicians died this year. They say that it happens in threes. And for me the three that affected me the most were Prince, Glenn Frey, and David Bowie. I had the privilege of seeing Prince live four times. I saw Glenn Frey play with the Eagles once, but I … Read More

Make Him Known, Then be Forgotten

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One of my favorite figures in the history of Christianity is from the area of Europe near where I spend most of the year, a guy named Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf or Count Zinzendorf as some refer to him. I encourage you to look him up and study what he did. In short, he provided shelter from Protestants who were … Read More

Scholarships and Beyond

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The English Connection has been committed to providing education for children in Guatemala for the past three years. If you have been following us you would recognize one little girl who has been in many of the photos from our trips. Her name is Stella. She comes from a family with a single mother of four daughters. This past year … Read More

Giving Tuesday

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Today is a day referred to as Giving Tuesday. It’s a rather recent tradition and some people aren’t even aware that it exists. It began in 2012 as a response to the commercialization and consumerism of the post-Thanksgiving season. It provides a nice bookend to the past five days. We start off with Thanksgiving, a holiday where we get together … Read More

Be a Game Changer in Guatemala

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Game Changer

When a child in a rural village is given the opportunity to continue school rather than going to work, the potential for a better life increases tremendously. Last year The English Connection helped 12 families in the Guatemalan village of San Juan Moca provide a year of education for a child. This year we hope to increase that number to … Read More